Meeting Abstract

S1-1  Friday, Jan. 4 07:45 - 08:00  A Green Wave comes to SICB: two days of plant integrative and comparative biology EDWARDS, Erika J*; OGBURN, Mathew R; Yale University

This symposium is part of an effort to bring greater participation of plant biologists to SICB, and is part of the Special Focus Meeting on Organismal Botany within the Tampa SICB meeting. SICB began in 1902 as the American Society of Zoologists, and has always had a strong taxonomic bias toward animals, despite the name change to the taxonomically inclusive Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology in 1996. This symposium will bring a range of outstanding integrative plant biologists to the annual SICB conference and into membership in the society, resulting in greater cross-pollination of concepts and approaches among integrative biologists regardless of taxonomic focus. The research highlighted in the symposium will demonstrate the diversity of research representing integrative plant biology. The talks will cover topics ranging from scaling and developmental integration to ecological adaptation to evolutionary innovation, and encompass plant taxonomic diversity from seed plants to green algae. This symposium will strengthen SICB’s mission to be an organization for all integrative biologists, as well as to put SICB on the map as a natural home for the next generation of emerging leaders in plant organismal and evolutionary biology.