SICB Meeting Personal Schedule

These schedule pages allow every visitor to search through the online program of the SICB meeting.
SICB members in the online database can save the results of their searches into a personal schedule.

  • To access the personal schedule you have to log in. The personal schedule view page will ask for your last name and membership number.

    The system has all members which are in our online directory. If you have given the correct last name/member number combination, you will see your personal schedule. It is saved in a database field of the member directory and thus can be accessed from any computer. Your browser will remember your username/password even if you access other pages before coming back to the personal schedule. However, once you close the browser application, you will be asked to log in again next time you access the personal schedule. To keep your schedule private, it is recommended to always quit the browser application when finished, especially in shared computer settings, e.g. labs or libraries.
  • On the search result page, all items are unchecked, regardless whether they are part of your personal schedule already or not. It does not make a difference if you save an item twice.
  • To remove items, you have to check them in the red column of your personal schedule and use the remove button at the bottom.
  • Meeting App users, please note: The online personal schedule will be transferred to the App only once on 2 JANUARY . You may continue to update your personal schedule on the SICB website at any time, but it WILL NOT be synched with the App, which will only show your personal schedule at the time of the transfer. Any further updates to personal schedules in the app should be made through the app. For more information on how to add and remove items from your schedule go to the Info Booth in the app and the instructions are listed under using the app.