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Abstract Submittal Form
2020 Annual Meeting
January 3-7, 2020
Austin, TX

Deadline for Submissions: September 4, 2019

The abstract form below is For Invited Symposia Submittal Only
For Contributed Papers and Posters Form, click here (including abstracts for sessions complementing symposia)

2020 Notes
  1. Posters will be 42" x 42" this year.
  2. In regular (non-symposium) sessions, oral presentations will be 15 minutes.
  3. Lunch will run from 12:00 to 1:30
  4. Poster session will take place between 3:30-5:30
  5. You may present using your own laptop, but change-over time will be deducted from your presentation time.
Again this Year!
SICB Meeting includes opening evening plenary (January 3) followed by 4 full days of presentations (January 4-7).

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Please submit this form separately for every presentation you will make at the meeting.

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  Please select your name or speaker slot from your symposium below: (Select only one!)

  • S1 - New Frontiers in Antarctic Marine Biology (McClintock, Amsler, Baker, Woods, Moran):

  • S2 - Epigenetic Variation in Endocrine Systems (Stevenson, Martin, Hanson):

  • S3 - Biology at the Cusp: Teeth as a Model Phenotype for Integrating Developmental Genomics, Biomechanics, and Ecology (Fraser, Hulsey):

  • S4 - Reproduction: the female perspective from an integrative and comparative framework (Hayssen, Orr):

  • S5 - Form, structure and function: How plants vs. animals solve physical problems (Muller, Poppinga, Westermeier):

  • S6 - Bio-inspiration of silent flight of owls and other flying animals: recent advances and unanswered questions (Clark, Jaworski):

  • S7 - Building Bridges from Genome to Phenome: Molecules, Methods and Models (Burnett, Stillman, Mykles, Durica):

  • S8 - Long Limbless Locomotors: The mechanics and biology of elongate, limbless vertebrate locomotion (Astley):

  • S9 - Applied Functional Biology: linking ecological morphology to conservation and management (McBrayer, McElroy, Sustaita):

  • S10 - Melding Modeling and Morphology: integrating approaches to understand the evolution of form and function (Waldrop, Rader):

  • S11 - Integrative comparative cognition: can neurobiology and neurogenomics inform comparative analyses of cognitive phenotype? (Liu, Burmeister):

  • Special Presentations:

  • E.
    Audio/Visual Requests Computer projectors will be present in all presenting and practice rooms. Projectors are sized 16:9. Please indicate if you plan to use audio during your presentation. Note that a computer will be provided for each session; therefore, you can bring your presentation on a memory stick. Everyone is required to visit the ready room prior to his/her presentation to upload their presentation and ensure that the presentation will work on the computer and projector that are provided. Should you elect to bring your own computer, you will be responsible for computer set-up in the meeting room and any time used will be deducted from your presentation time. NOTE: Speakers using special software or large videos may wish to present using their own laptop. It will be possible to connect these near the podium, but you must bring your own cables and adaptors, and you will be responsible for making these connections. Allow extra time in your presentation to do this setup.
    I plan to use computer audio during my presentation
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    Submission of this abstract constitutes a binding agreement to present your paper or poster at the Annual Meeting. Those who fail to do so without good reason will be prohibited from presenting at the next Annual Meeting.

    Your submission will not be complete until you register for the meeting. Registration for the annual meeting must be completed by November 6, 2019.

    *I confirm that all co-authors listed on this abstract have approved its content.