Meeting Abstract

S4-13  Sunday, Jan. 5 15:30 - 16:00  Round Table Discussion for Reproduction: the Female Perspective from an Integrative and Comparative Framework ORR, TJ; New Mexico State University

To conclude our symposium on female reproduction from a comparative and integrative perspective we invite our participants as well as all SICB attendees to join in a roundtable discussion. The symposium itself focused on female reproduction from diverse avenues and we hope to collect a snapshot of perspectives that reflect this diversity. Several key questions will be addressed including: What are the key gaps in our knowledge regarding female reproduction? Where might ignoring the female perspective result in misguided conclusions? How can we bridge these gaps? What terminology is biased or otherwise antiquated and promotes misleading assumptions, ex: fertilization, egg? What alternatives can we provide, ex: conception, ovum? What are the issues with any alternatives? What are the next big questions in biology as they relate to the female perspective? Symposium organizers and participants will be encouraged to bring forth questions that have been posed throughout our sessions. Our goal is to make strides in refining terminology as well as outlining gaps in our knowledge that are of broad interest to integrative biologists.